It all started with an AHA moment. Having had success in the corporate world, but not wanting to sit behind a desk anymore, fate walked in the door. A colleague came into my office with the event schedule from my wedding. While I reminisced about my own wedding, my colleague said: "That’s it-- you would be a great wedding planner!"
Having planned corporate events for years, I knew I had the organization, financial and negotiating skills to do a great job, but I wanted to be a part of something more, something special, something I absolutely loved. Realizing I would want to truly create events with a WOW factor, I knew I needed Cyn. Cyn has been a close friend of mine that I have always admired. I have always been inspired by the events and interior designs she has created. She truly is passionate about everything she creates, and always "makes it beautiful."
The phone call….that started it all.
"Hi Peach" (Cyn)
"Have a minute?" (Peach)
Weddings? Hmmmm? As an accomplished and successful interior designer, I knew I could make it beautiful. But then what? The wheels started turning. I have the ability to truly listen to people and create just what they want but cannot put it into words. I am a people person who can talk to ANYONE. I can handle last minute glitches with ease and turn them into a positive. I LOVE every detail about a wedding. Most importantly, I have Peaches! She is beyond detailed and organized. She is an amazing woman who could seriously run the world! I had to say yes!
Fate took over and "More than Fabulous" was born. We each have amazing talents, when united, become a force to be reckoned with. To us, being wedding planners is much more than time lines and spreadsheets. It is getting to know each couple and listening to their hopes and dreams. It is about inspiring and creating a personal celebration of the couple’s love. It is about enjoying the planning process and building anticipation. It is about having fun! It’s about creating an event that will give a couple memories for a lifetime!
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